Jackie Requeima

Refinery29 x Netflix



December 2018

Refinery29 partnered with Netflix to invite influencers and consumers to a thrilling evening screening of its new film Bird Box. With a mysterious twist custom designed to prime their senses for the screening and followed by an exclusive cocktail party.

After checking in, guests were invited into a sensory tunnel where they follow a rope through mysterious moments that integrated plot elements from the film including sound bytes and sensorial textures. After exiting the tunnel, guests entered the screening room where they watched Bird Box. After the screening, guests exited into a sanctuary-inspired After Dark cocktail party. Inspired by the sanctuary in the film, guests experienced multiple photo opportunities inspired by the film.

Team: Maria Aguiar (lead design), Sarah Lillz (graphics), Stephanie Riggs (creative strategy), Lily Amaro (producer)


I rendered these Renderings in SketchUp Podium and Photoshop and the Floorplans in Illustrator.


netflix - CAOS CoVeN

October 2018

To celebrate Netflix’s premier of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Refinery29 took over 4 nail salons simultaneously across the United States. These nail salons were transformed into CAOS Covens, custom designed for witches to gather. Inspired by the elevated decor and ambiance of Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series, once bright spaces became mystical woodlands. At the event, guests could get mystic manis done with thematic designs nail art designs and experience one-on-one experiences with a witch who provided tarot card readings.

Tasks: I was Lead Designer and in charge of design for all four locations including decor selects and sourcing, floor plans, and renderings. I also lead on site designers and styled on site at the Austin location.

Team: Sarah Lillz (graphics), Stephanie Riggs (creative strategy), Suzanne Chrisholm (lead producer)