Jackie Requeima

Kroger Work

Kroger Work


Urban Mix Decor Package

Fall 2017 & Spring 2018

Illustrator - Photoshop - SketchUp

Over the course of two semesters, the team and I worked with Design Fabricators and came up with new branding elements along with the new finishes and look of the new decor package "Urban Mix" that would be going in more cosmopolitan and downtown stores. 



Progress Renderings


Beer Signage

Fall 2017


I designed the signage for above the beer coolers in 600 Kroger stores. Kroger, the country's second-largest general retailer, is now implementing these and they began being rolled out in stores  Fall 2017.


Juice Bar

Summer 2016


Illustrator - Photoshop

My team asked that I come up with some new branding and signage options for the Juice Bars at Kroger I designed the menu boards, create your own board, back wall signage, order here and pick up here signs as well as the main Juice Bar sign. I worked closely with Marketing and Creative Services, as well as my design team for this project. This design is now being implemented and began being rolled out in stores  Fall 2016.


Menu Boards and Signage