Jackie Requeima




Fall 2016


The Guesthouse Project was a full-scale, experimental pop-up structure designed and constructed to reflect the needs of refugees and asylum seekers. This project was a joint venture between RMIT University's School of Architecture and Design, internationally acclaimed, Berlin-based architecture collective raumlabor.berlin, and the local migrant community. It was a practice-led investigation into how design might be leveraged to generate social cohesion at the local scale. The final structure experimentally adapts the traditional guesthouse to reflect a new context; that of refugees, asylum seekers and other recent arrivals. The complete structure was designed and build during a two week period. At the end of the construction, multiple events were held at the Guesthouse over the course of the two week period that it stood. 


My primary role on this project was as a member of the Treehouse Team. This part of the Guesthouse was meant to reflect the "retreat" sector of a guesthouse. The overall structure was over 6 meters tall and was definitely the most eye-catching of the spaces. It was a fully functioning tree house that was able to hold up 6 people. Other parts of the project that I did was the Lighting, the signage, marketing, photography and styling.