Jackie Requeima

Finding Focus

Finding Focus


Finding Focus

Spring 2016

SketchUp - Podium - AutoCAD - Photoshop - Illustrator

In small groups, we were asked to create international brand standards for OneSight. We had to come up with a concept, spacial plans and graphics for the brand to implement in all their new locations. We were to implement these brand standards in their upcoming eye care facilities in Rwanda. 


The Concept

Getting care at a OneSight Vision Center is the first step to finding clarity and improving the quality of life. Finding Focus was created to cultivate the unfamiliar journey for the patients as they receive the gift of sight. Elements that make up the system act as breadcrumbs to guide the patients through the clinic. The system exhibits comfort, cleanliness, and familiarity while also being iconic to the OneSight brand through the simplicity of every day raw, building materials and the Key Elements.

The Textural Journey

A textural journey using the senses of touch and sight, is integrated throughout the space to guide patients. It transitions as the patient attains clear vision. For example, in the outdoor waiting area and reception, the materials exhibit a large amount of high and low relief in order to create depth visually and roughness when touched. As the patient advances in their appointment from waiting, to pre-screening, to exam and lastly, dispense, the surfaces are all smooth and crisp to represent how the patient now can see with their new glasses. 

Key Elements

Check-In Window

First interaction point and step of the journey of the patient with OneSight.

Keeps waiting outside and interior for center functions.


Welcome Wall

Main element of Reveal and Conceal.

Allows for views into the dispense.

Reception side is highly textural and flat on dispense.



2D colored shape indicate the function of room.

Wood handrail continues the textural journey throughout the space and reveals doors.



Angled and lit shelves showcase and highlight glasses.

Removable signage and mirrors allow for versatile merchandise display.

Additional Breadcrumbs

Lighting: Transitions from diffused lighting to direct lights to indicate patient journey.


Flooring: Transitions from textural, directional tile to a smooth concrete in the dispense.


Wall Texture: High contrast plaster on Exterior and Reception, changes to CMU block in Hallway and Drywall in Dispense.


Plan Implementation

We provided three examples of how to lay out this design in OneSight’s many locations. These case studies were existing buildings that OneSight will be moving in to Fall 2016.

Kigali - CHUK

Location: Kigali, Rwanda

Size:  1,902 sf


Huye - CHUB

Location: Huye, Rwanda

Size: 1,309 sf


Kabuye Western Provence

Location: Kabuye, Rwanda

Size: 1,045 sf