Jackie Requeima




Summer 2015

Rhinoceros - V-Ray - Illustrator - Photoshop

We will understand our human energy and manipulate it to change workers.

The prompt of this project was envisioning the workplace of the future. Initially we thought about energy efficiency and creating the net zero workplace. We questioned the type of energy that we were thinking of, deciding to focus on human energy. This led us to focus on the seven chakras that are within the human body, combining western technology with eastern holistic health. We created a space for each of the seven chakras and then a centeral space for the workers. Each of these chakra spaces focuses on the alignment of said chakra. 


The Present

76% of workers feel tired and drained of energy during the work day. 

8.7% of people as of 2012 practice yoga and holistic health practices.

44.4% of people as of 2012 want to try yoga and more holistic health methodologies.

The Technology

Current SQUID technology detects human energy. In the future, an advanced technological textile will have the ability to adapt to temperature, read heart rate, blood pressure and temperature, analyze chakra levels and alignment and connect to a handheld device. 

The Solution

The solution is Equilibrium, a space that gives workers the tools necessary to be balanced individuals and have adequate energy throughout the day. We are providing workers the tools to align their own chakras and to help balance spiritual energy. Our system blends eastern culture and holistic health practices with western buildings and technologies. 

Building Implementation

The System Requirements

Clear quartz floor slab in workers space - aids all chakras

Rounded columns - biogeometry to soften energy lines emanating from the earth

Eastern arches - symbolize spherical nature of the universe and a period of transition

Level differentiation - represents hierarchy of chakras

Yoga positions - physically aligns chakras



The Spaces